Panel Modular System – PMS

The PMS system is based on the LGW solution whose first prototypes were created in Poznan in 2014, with the cooperation of researchers from the Botanical Garden of Adam Mickiewicz University and Poznan University of Technology and in Wroclaw in 2015 on the occasion of the WROCŁAW-European Capital of Culture 2016, called „The Infinite Green".

Panel-modular system (PMS) used to form spatial structures, is a technical solution which combines supporting structure and live vegetation, providing climatic comfort to users characterized by oxygenated, purified from micro-dust, cooled and humidified air and enabling plant production in difficult spatial and climatic conditions. The panel-module system is a new solution that can be installed as independent and self-supporting structures in space or can be part of existing or planned building structures. It combines the advantages of vertical Green Wall solutions with naturally horizontal vegetation conditions for plants and a modular support structure that allows to configure structures of different shapes. In addition to the free-standing structures of closed or semi-closed character (eg. In addition to free-standing structures of a closed or semi-closed nature (e.g. green pavilions or green tunnels) or completely open (free-standing walls forming "green" barriers separating pedestrian and vehicle traffic or installed on the building wall elevation) where the climatic function is the primary one, we can also apply this solution for vertical gardens (vertical farming) for cultivation of utility or ornamental plants under conditions of moderate climate of Central Europe in urbanized space, completely deprived of biologically active surface, but also under conditions of hot and dry climate in year-round mode, where natural conditions limit and hinder vegetation. A set of 6 variants of the solution allows to configure eco-architecture objects with different forms, where the form and function of the object is closely related to each other. The PMS system is the subject of patent development P.429496 filed with the UPRP in April 2019 in Poland, currently the patent development is in the phase of claiming in several countries of the world. The structures built using the PMS system respond well to the pandemic constraints, meeting the problem of social life after the pandemic, providing a solution that enables the creation of a safe and pro-business social space.
PMS in public space will be an oasis with attractive spatial and functional effects and microclimate parameters advantageous to human health and also makes possible food production in a limited urban or harsh climate conditions. They will also be objects of educational and recreation value with positive impact on the urban environment, improving the quality of living conditions. It is crucial to provide an advantageous local microclimate thanks to air purification, cooling and humidification by plants incorporated into a specially designed PMS structure which creates massive homeostat able to survive low and high temperatures in limited, demanding vicinity of urban heat islands or desolated unfriendly areas like desert like locations. Currently used solutions called green walls executed in various design variants and filled with plants are of esthetic value, but provide environmental effects of little significance.  The LGW/PMS concept is a semi-permeable membrane that is a combination of a solid layered structure and vegetation that grows to seal the gaps between the layers which are connected vertically as well. The novelty effect of the solution, which enables social cooperation, is the possibility of creating three-dimensional structures with the qualities of truly "green" architecture, which due to its technical features can function in a wide variety of spatial and climatic conditions. PMS structures are easily maintained and offer the possibility of relocation and reassembly as needed and allows small businesses to be more resilient during times of emergency or special circumstances, and also allows a more welcoming and comfortable environment.