Layered Green Wall (LGW)

“THE INFINITE GREEN” is an example of a „green sculpture” which is a combination of steel and wood construction, substrate and vegetating plants where concept of layered green wall is applied. Project shall achieve 3 objectives: artistic - social – cognitive. Sculpture may remind graphic symbol of infinity especially observed from point of view of a bird perspective. Viewer has an access into interior of the structure. Additional aspect of the sculpture may be a color of plants: many shades of green color appear while different species are planted on 110 m2 on 7 levels of the sculpture. They also blossom in a different time of a year. In the facility were introduced 60 species of perennials and 60 sub species in a quantity of over 3000 plants planted on 7 layers of total 110sqm in the structure of 1000x500x380 cm.
The realization of "The Infinite Green", 2015, was created in the courtyard between newly established housing communities on Barlickiego Street in Wroclaw as a part of the program “Wrocław - Entrance from the courtyard” and supposed to be a catalyst for social change. Wroclaw is a special city in Poland because it has only been within the Republic since 1945 and consists entirely of immigrant populations originating mainly from the pre-war eastern parts of Poland. After the social and economic changes that took place in Poland after 1989, the housing communities gained full ownership of the buildings, in which people had lived for several decades. The realization of “The Infinite Green” was to evoke the phenomenon of social empathy to initiate changes in the courtyard striving the residents to a common work of reconstruction of the courtyard onto green oasis for rest and recreation. Around the realization local community gathered already. The form incorporates symbol of infinity into sculptural structure which symbolizes eternality and importance of living nature for human beings as a necessary factor for survival of human race.
Project was launched in the summer 2015 as a part of Visual Art Program of European Capital of Culture WROCLAW 2016 and was run till 2021.
Picture 1-8: "The Inifinite Green", 2015-2021, Wrocław, Poland, (pictures taken in July 2016, photo Credit:AK); picture: 9-12, models and realizations of LGW concept solution.

„The Infinite Green", 2015-2021

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